Our Business


Hydraulic Equipment

We sell Hydraulic Parts & Equipment as YUKEN’s authorized distributor. You can ask us to plan, design, and assemble Hydraulic Units and Circuit with your idea. We also overhaul pumps and perform hydraulic piping work. Let us arrange everything about hydraulics.

Hydraulic Parts General (Yuken and Others)

Hydraulic Valves (Yuken/Hirose)
Yuken solenoid valve(DSG/DSHG)
Yuken Moduler Valve(MSW/MPW/MRP)
Yuken Proportional Valve (E series)
Hirose Valve

Hydraulic Pumps (Yuken/Riken Kiki) Yuken Piston Pump(AR16/AR22/A37/A56)
Yuken Vane Pump(PV2R)
Riken High Pressure Unit

Hydraulic Cylinders (Yuken/Horiuchi)

Hydraulic Equipment General ASK/Taisei/Nacol/Masuda/ACT

Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings Yokohama/Bridgestone/Sumitomo Riko/Ihara/Toyox/Parts from Taiwan

Hydraulic Units (Design & Assembly)

Hydraulic Circuit Design


Casting Equipment

It is our basic business to handle various kinds of Casting Equipment in our 70 years of history. We are all-round casting equipment player including casting, melting, sand treatment, finishing and surface treatment with sales and maintenance. In addition, we can arrange planning and design of casting facility, remodeling, installation, and related works.

Casting Facility Plan and Design (Illustration)

Melting Furnace Fuji Electric

Molding Machine Sinto/Kanamori

Automatic Pouring Machine Fujiwa Denki

Sand Treatment Facility Sinto

Barinder (deburring machine) Koyama

Shot Blasting・Air Blasting Sinto/Nicchu

Dust Collection Equipment Sinto/Amano

Hoist & Cranes Lee Machinery/Mitsubishi Electric

Shaking Machine Sinfonia Technology

General Assembly and Install Works

Other Related Equipment


Dust Collection・Surface Treatment・Other Industrial Machinery

We can offer you plans, design, and facilities of dust collection for environmental renovation by utilizing 70 years casting business experience. In particular, we have various know-how for static pressure measurement, calculation, duct design for various kinds of dusty workshop. It is not only dust collection, but also surface treatment facility, briquette machines, compressors, and other general industrial machineries, which we can propose from our experience. Please call us!

Dust Collection Planning & Design

Dust Collection Facility Sale & Install Work Sinto/Amano

Briquette Machine Nippon Steel Matex

Shot Blasting・Air Blasting Sinto/Nicchu

Compressors Kobelco Compressors/Anest Iwata